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What’s good? Tikka Masala Burrito, Simosas

Menu: not sure, please let us know

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  • CurryUpNow

    Get your hands on a tikka masala burrito for FREE tomorrow at the grand opening of our #Alameda location for the fi… https://t.co/lzSejhqWBI

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  • CurryUpNow

    Anyone catch us on @KTVU this morning? If you liked what you saw you can grab your own grub from our truck at 225 Bush St or @TruckStopSF.

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  • CurryUpNow

    @ClayShentrup Ah. Sounds like they didn't cook the samosa long enough. I will be sure to let the team and the manag… https://t.co/9YBfbEkKMH

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