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What’s good? Pizza

Menu: Pizza soda water

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    Gettin' our pizza on @FWFoodPark till 9pm!! Come and get it!! #eatmycrust

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  • PizzaTruckin

    Get tin' our pizza on @FWFoodPark till 9pm!! Come and get it!! #eatmycrust

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    Chillin @grapevineontap till 9pm! You need some pizza to warm ya up and we've got'em! #eatmycrust

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Additional Information: DoughBoys Pizza Truck

Did you ever wake up with a crazy, yet awesome, idea? We did.

The idea was to take a beat-down Oklahoma truck and turn it into an
amazing rolling pizza mobile, one that would deliver fresh-made pizza
with signature service. (Actually, we wanted to build a Godzilla-sized
pizza robot that would shoot pies out of its chest. Unfortunately,
many city regulations detered that idea, so we settled for the truck.)

Chad O’connor and Alex Johnson, owners and concept engineers, gave
their own personalized spin to DoughBoys Pizza Truck, applying their
love for pizza, creative spirit and their broad business experience.
These two crazy dudes spent many hours of manual labor with the truck
while still keeping up with their daytime jobs–they own a screenprint
shop that’s been around for 16 years.

Converting an old tool truck into a mobile pizza unit was no easy
task, but sometimes just having a belief in something great inspires a
fella’. In a few short months, the van started serving pizza. With the
help of great friends, DoughBoy’s Pizza began roaming the streets of
DFW in December of 2011. We have been truly amazed with amount of
feedback we have received through word of mouth, and the loyal
customers we have made.

We serve a delicious pizza made with fresh ingredients in less than
five minutes! This might have been the best crazy idea we ever had,
but we love what we do and the phenomenal way people have responded to
DoughBoys Pizza Truck.

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