East Town, 3rd Ward
Milwaukee, WI

What’s good? Falafel, Chicken and Steak Pita Wraps

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Monday – Friday
Lunch and Dinner

Homepage: www.pitabrothers.com

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Additional Information: Pita Brothers™ philosophy is simple. Quality Ingredients + Quality Flatbread = A Winning Taste Combination.

Our pita wraps are a healthy, fresh alternative to hotdogs, burgers & fries. Not that we don’t indulge in a good greasy sandwich from time to time (hey, we went to college too). But we also crave food that tastes good and is actually better for you.

We use authentic Lebanese flatbread which provides a perfect container for a myriad of flavorful combinations. Fresh veggies, meats and vegetarian fillings topped off with a selection of dressings, homemade spreads & cheeses. Your pita wrap is grilled fresh and completely customizable to meet your tastes. It’s a healthy and fun way to eat- every day!

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